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What is the difference between recycling and Waste-as-a-Resource? 

Recycling is an action. Waste-as-a-Resource is an outcome, requiring a strategy to fit an economically viable circular system.  

It is becoming critical to recover the resources we have in use today, for reprocessing and reuse as secondary raw materials by manufacturers. Every company, organisation, government office, school, university, hospital and individual has a role and responsibility to engage in this circular system. 

This course shows you how and gives you the tools to get started.  

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2


    • Video: Resource Use & Climate Change

    • Waste-as-a-Resource: An Introduction

    • Case Study - Fujitsu Integrated Recycling Process

    • Waste-as-a-Resource System

    • Measuring Resource Use

    • Video: Our Ecological Footprint

    • The Circular R's

    • Glossary of Terms

    • Additional References - Waste-as-a-Resource

    • Homework: Waste-as-a-Resource

    • Waste-as-a-Resource Quiz

  • 3

    Material Flows

    • Material Flows - An Introduction

    • Material Flow Mapping

    • Material Flow Maps for Packaging

    • Case Study - Glass Recovery in Action

    • Additional References - Materials

    • Material Flows Quiz

  • 4

    Resource Recovery Infrastructure

    • Introduction to Infrastructure

    • Internal Infrastructure - Staff Checklist

    • The Circular Economy Experience

    • Setting Up Your Infrastructure - Within Your Company

    • Setting Up Your Infrastructure - Engaging Staff

    • Strategy Activation: From Plan to Action, Bring Your Strategy to Life

    • Video: Engaging Staff

    • Staff Surveys

    • Bins, Signage and Placement

    • Video: Brief Overview of a Waste Audit

    • Waste Audit Tools

    • Waste Audit Forms

    • Setting Targets - An Introduction

    • S.M.A.R.T.E.R Form

    • Breaking Down Barriers Form

    • Waste-as-a-Resource Workshop Cards

    • Additional References - Resource Recovery

    • Homework: Failures and Sucesses

    • Resource Recovery Infrastructure Quiz

  • 5


    • Bibliography

    • Please tell us what you think